Stem Cell Research In Breast Augmentation

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Stem cell research has always been a controversial subject, especially in the US. One of the big reasons is the use of aborted fetuses for these purposes. And abortion is a touchy issue. Obesity is also a touchy issue but in a different way. Whereas there are personal, religious, emotive forces behind the pros and cons of abortion, no one would ever argue that obesity is a good thing. However, those who are obese may feel some powerful negative connotations that are degrading.

Given that, it might be good news for these people that scientists have found that they can create stem cell lines more efficiently with adipose tissues. Since one-third of Americans are classified as overweight or obese, scientists will have more than adequate resources from which to make stem cells. Should further research reveal that these adipose tissues can be harvested from people and be used towards research and development of cures for numerous medical diseases, then the negative connotations may be turned into something more positive.

Obese people who donate their fat cells may be hailed as heroes to those suffering from chronic medical problems who are awaiting cures. Furthermore, the donation of those cells may help them lose some of their weight, thereby reducing their health risks. It seems to be a win-win situation for all if it develops that future stem cell research will be focused on using the adipose tissue.

In other news, scientists are looking at using women’s own fat tissue from various body parts to be used in breast augmentation. Sounds like it would be a lot safer than saline/silicone alternatives. Not only that, it can help reshape a woman’s figure. Though I am no advocate for breast augmentation, I think the idea is a good one. I’d prefer it if my body could redistribute the fat that way naturally.